WoW Classic

Twitch artist explains how boyfriend broke up with her for WoW Classic

The internet collectively lost its mind when World of Warcraft Classic released on August 26, bringing with it a slew of nostalgia and hilarious moments – but not everyone is having a good time since the game’s release.

While Twitch streamers like Asmongold and Alinity Divine are having a field day with the title, one Twitch personality isn’t so pleased with WoW Classic’s recent surge in popularity.

Pin-up artist “Saruei” is a quickly-growing personality on the platform, after being banned for “sexual content” due to her NSFW artwork of characters from video game series Fate/Grand Order and her subsequent blasting of Twitch’s stance on appropriate content.

Twitch artist “Saruei” received a ban for “sexual content” in mid-September, prompting a lengthy tirade on Twitch’s stance in regards to appropriate content.

This time, the streamer wasn’t discussing potential bans from the site – instead, she gave viewers a head-shaking, heartbreaking story of a recent breakup, which was ultimately brought about thanks to WoW Classic.

According to Saruei, she wanted to “connect” with her boyfriend by playing the game together – but when presented with the proposition, her partner went silent for “days.”

“I was thinking that, you know, why do you want a girlfriend if you’re not even trying to answer my messages and stuff?” she explained. “I asked him, ‘It’s me or your game.’ He answered me, ‘For the Horde. For the Horde!’”

Saruei’s ex-boyfriend wouldn’t be the only player completely absorbed in the game, by far: in fact, viral streamer “Jaegerrmeister” has fallen back into disarray, after shocking the net by cleaning his room he’d left untouched since 2005 thanks to a crippling WoW addiction and depression.

Twitch streamer “Jaegerrmeister” hadn’t cleaned his room in years, thanks to a serious addiction to WoW.

However, after Classic’s release, his room has once again turned into a veritable pigsty, claiming that, “You can clean the room, [but] you can’t clean the lifestyle, dude.”

Unsurprisingly, WoW Classic has seen massive popularity following its publication, with the game’s category boasting a jaw-dropping six million followers on Twitch as of September 15 – but that very popularity can result in serious degradation of both personal habits and relationships, when players take games – or any pastime – too seriously, foregoing relationships and even personal hygiene.