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WoW bots utilize an unconventional strategy for naming pets to avoid being detected

Despite the successful launch of World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery, the game has encountered challenges, particularly in addressing botting problems. Bots have adopted an unconventional naming strategy for pets to evade detection, presenting a unique obstacle for Blizzard.

While the SoD received positive feedback for its update to the original Classic formula, concerns emerged, including issues with the Ashenvale PvP event. In this event, where elite NPCs for each faction spawn, players aim to eliminate the enemy leader before the opposing team, creating a PvPvE experience with additional objectives. However, reports on Twitter highlighted instances where the event becomes stuck, particularly when two or more lieutenants die simultaneously. Blizzard has acknowledged this issue and is actively working on a resolution.

Another significant problem revolves around bot activities, with a humorous twist to avoid detection. A Reddit user shared a surprising discovery that Hunter pets were given names commonly associated with America, as determined by a Google search. This creative approach by bot operators poses a unique challenge for Blizzard in combating disruptive players and bots. In the past month, the publisher has taken action against nearly 200,000 accounts as part of ongoing efforts to address these issues.