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WoW SoD: How to get Small Eggs in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Unlock the secrets to acquiring Small Eggs efficiently during the WoW Classic Season of Discovery with our comprehensive guide. Don’t break the bank by purchasing them at inflated auction house prices—take matters into your own hands and farm them yourself. Here’s your step-by-step strategy:

How to Obtain Small Eggs in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

  1. Auction House Alternatives: While Small Eggs are often available for purchase at the auction house, the prices can be exorbitant during the Feast of Winter Veil. Avoid overspending and consider more cost-effective methods.
  2. Strategic Farming: Venture into Azeroth and embark on your own farming adventure. By doing so, you not only save gold but also enjoy the thrill of self-sufficiency.

Top Farming Locations for Small Eggs:

For Alliance Players (Darkshore):

  • Head to Darkshore in the north of Kalimdor.
  • Target Moonkin enemies, including Moonkin Oracle, Moonkin, Raging Moonkin, and Young Moonkin.
  • These Moonkin mobs, situated in the mountains just outside Auberdine (coordinates 46.6, 45.8 to 45.6, 53.2), boast a 68-70 percent drop rate for Small Eggs.

For Horde Players (Mulgore):

  • Journey to Mulgore, the lush zone in the center of Kalimdor, home to Thunder Bluff and the Tauren.
  • Focus on bird enemies such as Swoop, Wiry Swoop, and Taloned Swoop.
  • While birds have a lower drop rate for Small Eggs compared to Moonkin, a 50 percent chance or higher still provides favorable odds. Scout for them across the zone, with a recommended farming spot northeast of Thunder Bluff.

By following these expert farming recommendations, you’ll optimize your chances of quickly amassing Small Eggs without draining your coffers. Make the most of the Season of Discovery and ensure your Winter Veil festivities are filled with gingerbread delights and cherished presents. Happy farming!