Buy Gold, Accounts & Powerleveling for the recently announced Nethergarde, a fresh Elysium Vanilla Classic WoW x1 server. Realm launch date is set at 30th March 2019.

The Nethergarde realm will have accelerated patch release just like Nighthaven:

  • Blizzlike Experience 1x rate
  • Realm launches with MC (Molten Core), BWL (Blackwing Lair) and Onyxia Lair open
  • PvP Gear Update at patch 1.7
  • Riding costs 900 gold at start
  • The name of the realm is to be announced.

Cheap Nethergarde gold will be available immediately on the launch date for both Alliance & Horde factions. Nethergarde Powerleveling will be available right away as well and level 30-60 accounts in 1-2 weeks after the launch. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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