Mograine Whitemane Gold, Accounts & Powerleveling Shop

Mograine Whitemane Gold, Accounts & Powerleveling

Mograine Whitemane Gold, Accounts & Powerleveling shop

Buy Whitemane Mograine Gold, Accounts and Powerleveling servises. Whitemane Mograine Gold available for Alliance and Horde.

Level 80 Accounts for sale. Level 60 – 80 available for WOTLK Whitemane – Classes: Warrior / Paladin / Shaman / Hunter / Rogue / Druid / Mage / Priest / Death Knight / Warlock. Races: Human / Night Elf / Undead / Orc / Troll / Gnome / Dwarf / Tauren. Factions:  Alliance & Horde.

Mograine WOTLK realm information:

Mograine is a new progressive Wrath of the Lich King – WotLK realm launched by the Private WoW Server Whitemane. The Mograine realm was released on 24th January 2021. One of the most popular WotLK private servers for 2021.

The name of the project, Whitemane is delivered from Sally Whitemane, a priestess of the Light and the High Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade. She directed their activities from within the Scarlet Monastery’s Cathedral until her death at the hands of adventurers and Lilian Voss. During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, Whitemane was resurrected as one of the Four Horsemen of the Ebon Blade.

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