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Buy Everlook Vanilla Gold for Alliance and Horde. Everlook is a vanilla private WoW server. Fast Delivery Process, Selling 24/7, Secure & Protected.

Everlook Vanilla WoW Private Server realm information:

Everlook is fresh opened Vanilla wow x1 Realm. The server launched on November 11th 2022.

The name of the project, Everlook is delivered from town Everlook, a trading post is run by the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel. It lies at the crossroads of Winterspring’s main trade routes and is neutral to all factions. Quests related to Everlook deal with the Timbermaws and the threats of the surrounding wildlife.

An open-source emulation of the 2004-released World of Warcraft game is called Project Everlook. It is based on the 1.12.1 game client and aims to be as similar to the vanilla version of the game as is humanly possible. Currently in an open testing stage, the project will have a formal release on November 11th, 2022. Because the project is open source, anyone can use it and contribute to it. The server will be a vanilla server, which means it won’t include any add-ons or other material save the game itself. With only one server accessible, it will be a PVP server. The server will offer One X rates, which are the same as those in the original game. At debut, the honor system will be accessible, whereas Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin won’t be until one month later. There will be a ranking system on the server, and the player’s gear will be dependent on their lifetime highest rank. Progressive itemization, or the availability of specific items at different points during the game, will be implemented on the server as it advances through updates until it reaches version 1.12.

Everlook Vanilla Gold WoW Private Server

How it Works

Select the gold amount needed, your faction (Alliance or Horde) and insert your character. Depending on the contemporary best trade practices, we may 1) mail or 2) trade you the gold or 3) we may contact you about different delivery methods like Auction House or items.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is: If you don’t get the gold within maximum of 24 hours from your purchase, you are entitled to full refund. Check our Refunds & Returns Policy page for full information.

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