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WotLK phase two changes

Upcoming changes that will happen in Wrath of the Lich King – WotLK phase two.

So at the top east of Ice Crown, a new location has been introduced and up here you can pick up different daily quest, eventually in phase three, and the rate will also be introduced. And this is going to be where you can collect your items. But for now, there’s going to be different daily quest that you can do in phase two.


Something I’m looking forward to is the heroic plus mode. This is like retail mythic plus, and when you enable this mode, the creatures and the different buses will have more health and do more damage in enabling heroic plus mode will also grant you better loot.If you decide to head into these heroic plus mode, you’re also going to be aware of the different buffs that these creatures will be granted.

Besides these new network plus modes that will also be introduced a new rate and this rate is going to Ulduar, a raid you can do on 10 and 25 men. And you can even enable hard mode that will grant you even better loot. One big change that has happened to this rate is going to be the items that you can get in here. So the item level, but also the steps of these items has been increased by a lot.

This also allows you to replace your 25 men face one gear a lot easier because back in the original game, that wasn’t a huge impact when you’ve got your old to a 25 men gear, but now that’s going to be a way bigger change because the items has been birthed before.


12 different potions only had a one minute cooldown so you could affect sample. Use potion and then before you engage the bus,

for example, one minute later you could use another potion. This is no longer going to be the case in phase two because these potions will now have a two minutes cooldown.

The new arena season six will also begin, and this is going to be the second season in Wrath of the lich King.

The Furious season to I would highly recommend right now to prepare for this season, for example, by practising Arena, because the item level of the furious glady it items has also been increased.

So the weapons will, for example, be a lot more powerful. In fact, the item level of these items is going to be equal to what you can get in 25 men. But of course, they provide resilience, so it’s not going to be the best and slot NPV, but still a useful upgrade.

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