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Buy Brynhildr Gil for FF14 (Final Fantasy 14)Crystal Brynhildr Gil Final Fantasy 14 (FF14)

Brynhildr Gil. Our website sells FFXIV Brynhildr Gil at cheap rates. Brynhildr is a FF14 NA (North America) server under the Crystal Data Center, with approximate population of 110 000 players. The server name is delivered from Brynhildr. Brynhildr is a Shieldmaiden and a Valkyrie in Norse mythology. In the Völsunga saga, she was sent by Odin to decide a fight between two kings, but was punished by the god after helping his least-favored one then banished her to the top of mount Hindarfjall in the Alps.

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Brynhildr Accounts / Boost Service & Powerleveling

Besides cheap gil for Crystal Brynhildr, we also offer FFXIV Brynhildr Accounts, as well as Powerleveling & Boost services for all Final Fantasy 14 servers – NA (North America), EU (Europe), JP (Japanese).

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