WoW Season of Discovery
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Blizzard is deliberating the future of Season of Discovery characters post-season

Blizzard is currently engaged in discussions regarding the fate of Season of Discovery characters post-season conclusion. A recent Community Council Chat featured Developers Josh Greenfield, Ana Resendez, and Nora Valleta addressing questions related to Season of Discovery and World of Warcraft Classic.

Acknowledging the initial challenges players faced with accessibility to certain Runes during the commencement of the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, Blizzard emphasized the deliberate difficulty in obtaining these Runes to enhance the overall gaming experience. The company plans to introduce additional roles through Runes in the future.

Player feedback regarding Supply Crates, despite some expressions of frustration, has not gone unnoticed by Blizzard. While specific changes to Supply Crates have not been detailed, Blizzard is actively considering adjustments based on player input. To address concerns about players opting for gold-centric quests potentially missing out on experience in the next phase, Blizzard is contemplating allowing players to earn experience by turning in Supply Crates.

A prevalent concern among players revolves around the fate of their characters once the Season concludes. Blizzard is in the process of internal discussions and seeking player feedback to determine the fate and placement of these characters after the Season. However, players can rest assured that they will be able to retain their characters post-Season.