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World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Adding New Reputation Rewards Soon

Exciting Changes Coming to WoW Classic Reputation Rewards in Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft Classic is gearing up for impactful adjustments to its reputation rewards, particularly for the supply network factions introduced in the ongoing Season of Discovery.

In Season of Discovery, the introduction of runes has significantly transformed the gameplay dynamics for each class. Rune Engraving, a novel set of skills, operates independently of the talent system. This feature empowers players to apply new abilities to their equipment, with the flexibility to swap them at will. Upon reaching level 25, players gain three engraving slots for their chest, legs, and hands, with additional slots unlocking as they progress to higher levels.

Currently, each class boasts twelve Runes, one of which can be acquired from the Azeroth Commerce Authority (for Alliance players) or Durotar Supply and Logistics (for Horde players) upon reaching specific reputation levels. Responding to player feedback, World of Warcraft recently reduced the reputation requirement for purchasing these Runes from Honored to Friendly.

While this adjustment garnered positive feedback, some players expressed concerns about Runes being among the most significant rewards for achieving Honored status with these factions. Consequently, the motivation to continue grinding reputation beyond the Friendly level seemed diminished. In light of this feedback, senior game producer Josh Greenfield acknowledged the concerns on Twitter and assured the player community that developers are actively planning to introduce “some interesting things to Honored soon.”

Stay tuned for these exciting developments that aim to enhance the Season of Discovery experience for WoW Classic enthusiasts!