About Vanilla.Games

VanillaGames has been a Legacy (Classic, TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm) World of Warcraft Service Provider since 2014. We are established on the OwnedCore and EpicNPC forums, and we are part of several other huge World of Warcraft gaming networks.

As a huge team, we were and are actively providing services across all possible legacy private servers, including but not limited to: VanillaGaming, WoWOne/Feenix (Warsong, Archangel, Emerald Dream), Molten WoW, Warmane (Outland, Icecrown, Lordaeron), Atlantiss (Netherwing, Cataclysm), Nostalrius Begins (PvP & PvE), Elysium Project (Nighthaven, Anathema, Darrowshire, Elysium PvP), Light’s Hope (Lightbringer, Northdale), Hellground WoW, Sunwell (Angrathar, Nightbane), Twinstar (Kronos 1, Kronos 2, Kronos 3, Ares) among many more others – we’ve been through them all.

Our website Vanilla.Games was established to continue serving the needs of the upcoming retail Classic WoW by Blizzard.

Feel free to get in touch about any inquiries.

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