9 New Fresh WoW Classic Realms Announced (NA & EU)

You think you do but you don’t. The interest for Classic is enormous. In order to avoid long queues, Blizzard just announced 9 new realms for both WoW Classic EU and WoW Classic NA.

WoW Classic NA Realms:

  • Bigglesworth PvP (Pacific)
  • Incendius PvP (Eastern)
  • Old Blanchy PvE/Normal (Pacific)
  • Westfall PvE/Normal (Eastern)

WoW Classic EU Realms:

  • Flamelash PvP
  • Gandling PvP
  • Razorgore PvP
  • Mograine PvP
  • Nethergarde Keep PvE/Normal

You can view a full list of all 41 WoW Classic Realms here.

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