World of Warcraft Shadowlands will have controller support
World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will have controller support

The upcoming World of Warcraft expansion will introduce controllers, for the very first time, to the popular MMORPG.

Shadowlands will be packed with an official controller assistance at the day of it’s release, nevertheless the video game will not be fully playable on controllers. According to the official post Blizzard does not wish to make a complete controller support like in Final Fantasy XIV. Specifically community manager Randy Jordan specified that the company’s target is to assist people with disabilities or gamers that choose to play the game without keyboard & mouse, by binding some keys to their controllers.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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“For a long period of time, we’ve seen a small number of players turn to 3rd party addons, such as Console Port, in order to resolve particular accessibility issues. We constantly wish to make WoW more widely accessible, if possible, so in Shadowlands, we’re attempting to include some support for keybinds, camera, and turning a character on controllers such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller” Jordan wrote. This is an usual occasion where Blizzard absorbs into the video game popular addons that the community works with, rendering them useless. The controller support is an useful addition even if it’s not full, however it’s actually unusual that Blizzard is not thinking about making a default setup for World of Warcraft on controllers.